Legal marijuana, better selection

I have been using marijuana for a long time, to treat my anxiety and depression.

After college, my doctor gave me some pills to help with the anxiety and depression.

They made me tired all the time, and I gained 50 lbs. I kept taking the pills for five years, before a friend of mine offered a different suggestion. My coworker was using marijuana to sleep better and relieve the symptoms of clinical depression. At the time, marijuana was not legal in our state. In fact, marijuana wasn’t legal anywhere in this country at that time. Still, I started using a marijuana to treat my anxiety and depression. It’s been 10 years, and I still maintain good mental health. The marijuana has helped a lot, and I was really happy when our state made medical and recreational marijuana legal. I voted for the proposition, and I rallied all of my friends to vote as well. We have had legal marijuana for recreational and medical use for the past three years. Just this year, three different marijuana dispensaries opened in our small town. Last week, my girlfriend and I decided to visit one of the marijuana dispensaries. It was an amazing sight. The dispensary has about 50 different strains of medical and recreational marijuana. The dispensary prices are close to street prices, but we have a much better selection. I knew things would change drastically when marijuana was legalized, but I didn’t think we would have such a huge selection. My girlfriend prefers Northern Lights, but I like to smoke OG kush or Girl Scout cookies.

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