My Opinion

Why is it that people want to argue with you over things that they know nothing about? It always seems to me that people at parties or even just people that you meet on the street or when you’re out in public always want to pick fights these days.

I think most people are just stressed out or anxiety ridden or something.

I don’t understand why it is that we just can’t all get along like adults. In the past week, I’ve had people fight with me over my political views, which are libertarian; my religious beliefs, which are Christian; and my belief that cannabis and marijuana are better for us than man made pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m always someone who will say, “each to his own!” as far as your opinion goes. What I don’t get it why other people can’t seem to do the same thing for me. What business is it of anyone’s if I choose to use cannabis or marijuana products to relieve my chronic pain or headaches? I have personally found that cannabis helps with my ever present chronic back and shoulder pain. And if I happen to get a migraine, marijuana helps me more than the migraine medication that my doctor prescribed me. Plus, there are no terrible side effects from cannabis products or marijuana products like the side effects I have always gotten in the past from other medications. I’m a firm believer in the power of natural healing, and you don’t get much more natural than the healing powers of cannabis, in my opinion.



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