I’m a Believer

So for the last twenty years or so, I have suffered from really bad headaches.

Mostly I get them when it’s “my time of the month,” so I think they have to mostly be hormonal or something.

Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing I can do to get rid of them and I have tried everything on the market for headaches. My doctors have even prescribed medications for me, but nothing seems to help at all. It’s gotten to the point where most months, I end up missing three days of work because of headaches! Well, last month, my friend and I were at a tradeshow for work and there was a guy running a booth with cannabis products, marijuana products, and CBD oil. He was actually giving away little sample bottles of his CBD oil products, and my friend and I thought it would be fun if we took one. We were both under the impression at that point that CBD oil would have the same effects on us as marijuana would, and so we thought we were going to be getting high that night in our hotel room! Well, the guy explained to us how CBD oil actually works on the body and that it doesn’t get you high at all. It actually can help relieve anxiety – and get this – headaches! I told him that I couldn’t wait to try using CBD oil during the time of the month when I usually get horrible headaches. So sure enough, during the first couple of days, I started getting headaches in the morning and then I used my CBD oil. Guess what? The headaches went away within 45 minutes of me ingesting the CBD! I’m a believer in CBD and the medical uses of marijuana and marijuana products for life now!

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