My siblings birthday

My sibling’s birthday is coming up plus he is turning 21 years old.

He has never legitimately drank or smoked marijuana because he easily is a rule follower.

This is entirely a nice thing, it just surprises me. He lives in a state that has recreational marijuana plus I can’t wait to visit for his birthday party. I already have his present plus I suppose he is going to care about it very much. I made him a cake, plus it’s not just any regular cake. First of all the cake is entirely lovely, it’s 3 layers plus filled with chocolate. The best thing about the cake is that it happens to be a space cake! The state that I live in doesn’t have recreational marijuana yet, but they do have medical. I am able to get marijuana delivered to me whenever I wish, which is the best part. He said he wanted to try cannabis out for the first time, but wasn’t sure about it yet. That’s why I suppose this cake will be great for him. I invited his friends plus told them about our surprise for him. He might not be that excited since he is not as much of a marijuana lover as I am, although I suppose it will be a good time to watch him try his first edible. The space cake is big enough to feed 10 people at least, so I will have to make sure he only takes a very little bite. I remember my first time trying edibles, I actually ate a bit much plus couldn’t even see straight. Since then I have learned the proper dose for me plus strains that work best, plus I haven’t run into that drawback again.

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