The best gift I could have asked for

I found one supplier that lets you custom design the grow box

My partner Miles is honestly into marijuana, and oddly enough it is not the smoking aspect that she enjoys the most, however my wifey enjoys to learn and learn more about the growing process of marijuana; She has picked up quite a few books, read up on articles online and even watched videos from commercial growing operations, but I find it so odd that she is into marijuana cultivation. She will just stand back and watch a grower trim buds, cure the product or even just set up lighting. For her anniversary however, I am thinking about getting him a grow box. I see that there are small to giant ways to grow marijuana, then there are some people have big commercial marijuana growing facilities and others use cannabox containers. I just want to get my wifey a small shed adore building to grow. Instead of just mass produce weed, just a few ounces will be good. I have looked online and finding a smaller grow box is quite self-explanatory. I can make it as cheap or as upscale as I feel the need to. It is wild how many things are involved with growing marijuana. There are some lights, Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, nutrients and water to consider. I almost never realize how out of my element I would be. I found one supplier that lets you custom design the grow box. It is safe to stay that I will call them up and pay them, but I want my wifey to design it. I can’t pick out what kind of lights, soil and seeds she would want. I might pick something totally wrong and this present turns into a bad gift.


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