There are many things to consider in this business

For so long when it came to growing marijuana, I used a straight-forward orange house, and the problem is that moisture from the outdoor air kept getting into the growing facility.

The added humidity ended up messing with the majority of my product, I quickly came up with a growing facility design.

I was hoping my own growing op built just the way I wanted it. I realized the cost would be too much. I needed to have lights, Heating plus Air Conditioning plus cameras installed in my growing area. I was hoping to get a wireless control unit plus a way to lock my facility due to law plus theft. Once I crunched all the numbers, I realized it was not possible to get my custom built growing op off the ground. I then started browsing around online. I then found a cannabox bucket company, then you buy a package from them plus they set up everything up. I found that I can get various cannaboxes for the stages of marijuana growth. The typical type of package would be to get 6 total boxes. 4 would be for the flowering stages of the growing process. The cannabox would come with its own Heating and Air Conditioning, lighting plus cameras. I could monitor production and change anything I felt the desire to. One of them is a vegeatative unit where the buds start to form. The last box is a curing cannabox. This is a dry, low temp storage unit where the weed can stand without problems right before its learn to go out to be sold, then each stage of the marijuana growing process is handled by each box. I hardly have to do anything. I am very excited to call the company to get more information.

Climate controlled facilities