CBD provides alternative remedy for fighting addiction

I have a friend who had a problem with opiates.

He grew severely depressed due to his addiction.

I started looking for ways to help him. I researched different methods that had proven successful in breaking addiction. I came across a website talking about the benefits of CBD oil. I read that CBD has the capacity to help with addiction. It has proven effective in treating all types of addiction. People are using CBD to treat stress, PTSD, glaucoma, cancer, insomnia and addiction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs. I asked my friend if he would be willing to try CBD to possibly help with his opiate addiction. He was willing to try anything at that point in time. He and I made the trip to a cannabis dispensary in our local area. We browsed their CBD products and spoke with the budtender. My friend was mainly interested in CBD oil and some of the different types of edibles. He tried CBD and said he immediately began to notice a difference. The constant pain he was dealing with lessened. He began to minimize his use of opiates. There was improvement in his symptoms of depression as well. He was sleeping and eating better. He seemed more relaxed. He said he didn’t feel as anxious anymore. The CBD oil has made a huge difference for him. He’s slowly been able to entirely wean himself off the drugs. Before this, he was looking at taking conventional medications that come with all sorts of alarming side effects. Most of them can be addictive. Which seems to defeat the purpose. The CBD is entirely natural. It’s not addictive and causes no side effects. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana. We are really hopeful that he has finally beat the addiction and it’s definitely because of the CBD.
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