A Team of Experienced Farmers

Back in August of last year, I ran into a group of very intelligent people who were in town to discuss a new business idea. I was working at the restaurant that weekend, and they came in twice for dinner and sat in my section,. I did not want to overstep my boundaries, but their conversations were intriguing. They were talking about how many plants they could fit in their new warehouse grow room. I had heard a little about this new pot growing industry in my area and wanted to learn more about it. From what I heard them saying, they would be able to fit nearly a thousand plants in the new warehouse grow room. I did some quick math in my head and quickly realized I was in the wrong industry. These seasons farmers and I got to talking later that night. They told me that they were making nearly $15,000 a day with their new grow home. Not only was this an incredible profit, but this was their third grow room! I asked one of the farmers how they got involved in the pot growing industry, and each person had a unique story. Although many of these people were lifelong farmers and got their pot growing skills from what they learned throughout their lives, they were all incredibly knowledgeable when it came down to the logistics off growing. After our conversation, I really wondered if I had a future in the pot growing industry.

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