first the license then I sell professionally

One day when I was at theNearest cannabis dispensary, a single of the bud tenders was telling me that he thought it would be easy for me to grow our own cannabis flowers.

I never personally thought about growing cannabis before, I didn’t even suppose for one second I had what it took to grow a successful crop.

Because it was commonly legal in our state though to have so more than 2 plants, I figured it couldn’t actually hurt to supply it a try. I was studying from the budtender about the potential options I had when it came to getting the right cannabis growing equipment for the project. I would need a good high performance lighting idea with timers. The knowledgeable bud tender was saying that a lot of growers opted for MH or HPS lights for these purposes, but he recommended T5 lights that would not overheat our entire growing section plus that would not burn our cannabis plants. I went along with his recommendation plus it worked out perfectly. I got grow bags online that I filled with quality soil plus I even picked up some quality organic fertilizer that I found in town. I just kept thinking about all the tips plus recommendations from the wise budtender at the cannabis dispensary. Because he said I could always turn around and come back plus ask for any help, I ended up going back to The Dispensary a bunch of times plus made a request to talk to the same guy about my project. Even when he wasn’t there though, there were other budtenders who honestly were just as expertiseable about growing cannabis. With all their amazing tips plus help, I was legitimately able to grow some high quality cannabis flowers for myself. I even brought some samples to the cannabis dispensary plus they were incredibly impressed. They said that I should get a correct growing license one day plus they would buy cannabis flowers from me.

High performance lighting