I have a budget so I grow my own

When I went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time, I can tell you I was legitimately ecstatic with all the cannabis products that were available to purchase, i tried a few of the cannabis flowers plus edibles which were grade, but I was a little bit disappointed with the cost of all these commercial cannabis products.

  • That’s when I started talking with a good buddy of mine who told me that he grows his own high quality cannabis plants, however he said that anybody could easily grow cannabis plants in their own home just by making a small growing room.

When I told our buddy that I genuinely didn’t have enough free area in our home to make a growing room, that’s when he told me that in fact, I could just grow our cannabis products in a small closet. I couldn’t argue with that logic, so I decided to make a little grow cabinet for planting a few cannabis plants. Because of the lack of space, I was quick to immediately put the cannabis plants into the flowering stage so they could quickly start producing buds immediately. They respectfully call this a sea of green setup, apparently, because you are forcing young plants to mature early plus in this manner they don’t grow legitimately tall, but produce a pretty good amount of bud still. I thought this was an excellent way to managed to get our cannabis flower without having to pay such a critical amount of cash at the cannabis dispensaries. I am legitimately thankful these days to our buddy for teaching me that this could be done easily in a legitimately small growing cabinet. I might decide to get a small growing tent one day, somewhere down the road so that I can grow some more cannabis strains for myself that I legitimately enjoy.

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