making money off the legality

I assume that most modern government politicians are crooks.

I guess it’s a fairly attractive thing that Cannabis has been legalized in our state, however as far as I can tell it never should have been illegal to begin with.

Also it bothers myself and others endlessly how much the government is making off of Cannabis recently that they decided to legalize it. It’s a enjoyable thing for the money that goes to help fund schools and programs every one of us need to run in our state, however it still makes me mad that they are making a killing off of something that is actually natural and occurs in the wild. Everybody should be able to grow their own plants and not have to go out and purchase these Cannabis products that are taxed to the brim. Even at the nearest, Best Cannabis dispensary, I was asking them why it cost so much money for purchasing just a single gram of Cannabis flowers. They told myself and others unfortunately that the tax was genuinely heavy, and that it was taxed 3 times before I bought it! Talk about the government being greedy! They couldn’t just tax it once and be done, it had to be taxed triple? Well, they are making their money from the cause, alright, however I decided they wouldn’t be making any more money off me. I recently started growing my own Cannabis in my home. I got a nice grow tent, some low cost T5 fluorescent lights, a enjoyable amount of organic soil and I got to business with my own garden. I genuinely got my seeds from the local Cannabis dispensary where I had socks to the bud tenders. I did try a few strains that I entirely loved. I realized quickly that I would have to buy certain Sativa strains from the nearest Cannabis dispensary because those have to be grown outdoors. I already have gotten some entirely excellent flowers for myself ever since I started growing my own.

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