35. Government is blocking progress for local farmers for people like my mom

Sometimes the steps that you need to take to allow change to happen, can be difficult.

My mother, along with several other farming families in her section have come together to try to make things better for everyone.

With the constant battle between market prices, my mom is finding it hard to make ends meet so she wanted to form a group and combine some of her land to start a marijuana farm. Recreational and medical marijuana are both legal in the state my mom lives in, so it will be a profitable outcome. There are a lot of farmers from many different generations bring their skills, and then you take into consideration the younger members that have experience in newer equipment using computerised watering systems and climate control. They’re all very happy that it’s taking off. The biggest issue they are facing is the fact that their local government refuses to rezone their farmland to commercial property. Even though the land would still be used for farming purposes, they will be offering their products to retailers for sale. This apparently means that they are more of a rather than a farm. My mom is in the process of filing paperwork to find a way around this is zoning law and hopefully within the next few weeks, they will be able to begin operations. Some of the farmers my mom knows are related to board members. Thus, making her even more confused as to why they would against this.



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