34. Mom found out brother ordered marijuana seeds

My mom didn’t know it was so easy to order marijuana seeds.

My mom is a gardener and sometimes has a hard time keeping up with the new trends. Each year my mom plants a sizable vegetable garden and works to get the best crops possible. She starts all of her plants from seed early in the Spring and she has a greenhouse that my brother decided to plant some of his own plants. At first, my mom was happy about the fact that he shared her interest, and was curious as to what type of plants he wanted to put in. When she asked him about it, he didn’t really have much to say. When the seed packages my brother ordered arrived, and my mom had to sign and show her identification, she got nervous. It didn’t take her long to find out he ordered marijuana plants that he wanted to put in her greenhouse. Our state has recently passed laws that approve the use of recreational marijuana. My mom didn’t know it was so easy to order marijuana seeds. She went online and found the website my brother used to buy cannabis, and sure enough, she found the section for cannabis seeds. She is still pretty undecided on how she feels about my brother changing our family garden, regardless of if it’s not against the law. At least he’s interested in growing things and hopefully that will continue and include the vegetables one day.


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