31. My mom wasn’t expecting that kind of farmers market

My mom was in the midwest and came across some sights she was not expecting to see.

She brought us up to be a very proper and straight laced and to view drinking, gambling, and smoking as improper forms of behavior.

She was in the Midwest to visit her sister, who had always been laid-back. She was certainly into living an organic life, and my mom didn’t mind that since it didn’t trickle into her life. They ended up going to the farmers market early on one of the mornings she was there. My mom was expecting things like fresh fruits and vegetables, and maybe some hand crafted items. My mom was very shocked to find that it wasn’t that kind of farmers market. She saw no stands with vegetables, what she saw instead where rows of tents set up with people setting up different kinds of cannabis. She knew that marijuana was legal in the state her sister lived, but she had no clue that they sold cannabis out in the open. Her sister told her that she knew many of the local marijuana farmers and came to support their business. That’s when my mom found out that her sister was someone who used recreational marijuana, which shocked her. Regardless, they ended up having a great time for the rest of the visit. I’m pretty sure my mom will be going back at the end of the year.

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