Decided to invest in a cannabis farm

My sibling is basically always trying to make a quick buck so when she approached myself and others about an investment opportunity I was hesitant to take her up on it. It honestly seems that she is always getting connected with the wrong kind of people or going along with some insane ploy in order to make a profit faster than what would normally happen. I have always been a firm believer in hard work plus diligent saving to prepare myself for retirement plus I do not wish to waste my hard-earned dollars on some get-rich-quick scheme. She kept pestering myself and others to hear her out so I eventually agreed to go to supper with her plus listen to what she had to say… Apparently she had been in touch with someone who was looking for investors in a new Venture that would pay giant dividends in an entirely short amount of time. Like pretty much everyone else, I am sure you have heard about the marijuana farms that are coming up across the nation. Apparently this woman had already gained the land plus permits to start developing the farm that would produce both recreational plus medical marijuana for retailers to buy. She actually expects to the farm to be up plus running within the next couple of weeks plus they were looking for investors that would be willing to put up the capital needed to set the operation in motion. They actually were offering not only dividend returns but a stake in the contractor for those who are willing to put up a minimum of $5,000. I felt that I could certainly risk this if I was going to be able to get money in return so I agreed to the investment. I do not believe I am going to be making it known that I am a co-investor in a pot farm anytime soon but if it is lucrative you can bet I will be letting pretty much everyone know about it.

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