Buying wholesale and reselling online to make a huge profit

I’ve been building websites for ten years, and I know a lot about online marketing and sales. I have ten different websites right now, and I sell a variety of different products. Two of my websites sell dog and cat prescription medications. Those websites do really well, and I receive 25% commission on every sale. I have a website that sells haute couture ites, like handbags, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. I get plenty of website traffic to that site, but the commission rates are much lower at only 5% per sale. Some of my websites are information, like the one about marijuana growing and cultivation. Up until now, I haven’t advertised any items on this website. It has strictly been for informational purposes only, as I believe everyone should have the right to grow marijuana for personal use. I’ve been thinking about buying some wholesale CBD products to offer on this website. This would be the first time that I have ever stocked inventory and shipped products directly to my customers. It’s a really big step to take, but I have a friend that can get some very cheap wholesale CBD products. I looked at the inventory and we already discussed prices. There is a huge margin for profit on the CBD products. Most of the oils and CBD tinctures can fetch 40 or 50% profit, and some of the other CBD products are even higher. If I start to see a lot of business, I can always create another website to sell the CBD products. As long as I’m getting great wholesale prices, then the business will be very profitable.

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