Getting Oxygen & CO2 for growing

When you are growing cannabis plants, it is especially substantial to have plenty of oxygen getting to your plants.

A immense amount of oxygen must be absorbed through the roots.

In order for the plant to accomplish this, the soil or planting medium has to have actually superb aeration. You can accomplish this by adding a superb amount of perlite, gravel or sand to your soil or planting medium. Some people appreciate to use rockwool as a planting medium because no matter how much you water it, it consistently has plenty of oxygen to get to the roots of the plant. It is also a smart method to add food grade hydrogen peroxide to your water when watering your plants. The food grade hydrogen peroxide has an extra oxygen atom that will absolutely be broken down & can be used by your plants. Some people love to use oxygen plus plant food which absolutely has 25% hydrogen peroxide which allows your plant to get that extra oxygen that it needs. For more oxygen in the water, you can also use an air pump in your water to get it filled with oxygen before watering the plants or you can consistently put water in a basket with a cap & shake it actually superb before using it to water the plants. Your cannabis plants will grow much better with more CO2 also. A superb way to supply more CO2 to your plants is to visit them consistently, however by breathing on the plants, you are exhaling CO2 naturally onto the plants. You can also use CO2 tanks, but this can get absolutely costly. A pretty superb way to provide CO2 to small grow tents is to get a CO2 bin which is filled with mushrooms & ingredients that naturally release CO2 into your grow tent.



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