First family of medical cannabis farmers

My family plus even my friends decided to transfer West just a few years before medical cannabis was a legalized industry. Many of the things were entirely particular during this time, it was difficult the dispensary seem to pop up one after another. The medical marijuana was flooded with product everywhere, plus individual unit prices bottomed out to almost nothing. It was cheap to buy seeds everywhere, so the people I was with plus myself knew this was a grand time for the cultivating plus maybe growing some of the medical cannabis. My wife plus myself found autoflowering plus even some feminized Kush seeds from that dispensary. The Kush seeds cost us an arm plus a leg. We wanted Indica strains, because that was our first time plus our favorite. It seems that the people I was with plus myself had a lot of problems during the first ones, plus we barely assumed anything for cultivating plus a growing medical marijuana. After months of research, the people I was with plus myself attempted a minute round of these medical cannabis plants. After some time plus energy of learned information, the people I spend time with plus myself found ourselves with the type of fertilization practices plus regular lighting scheduling that would give us a much better batch. The second round of plants were much better. The people I was with plus myself started out right in the beginning, plus now we are a major supplier of medical cannabis in the area. We’ve come a long way since the old days, plus now all of our kids saver working on the medical cannabis farm as well.


Modular cultivation