Generator costs us $5,000 in cannabis seedling plants

The people I spend a lot of time with plus myself are the people who absolutely will work on medical marijuana commercial businesses.

  • The place has thousands of property acres, plus we are in a great region for water flow.

We barely have to worry about irrigation at all, other than keeping the water away from our grow facility. The people I was with plus myself Harvest plus even cultivate lb + pounds of medical cannabis during a single season. At any a single time, there are peculiar orange houses Plus Lake House Grow rooms moving around the same area. Production needs to run smoothly during most times, so our Grow rooms plus all of the medical marijuana facilities are equipped with a generator for backup loss of power. This huge generator controls our irrigation system, lighting features, plus the large fans plus ventilation equipment. During the last October month, the area near our grow house had a significant thunderstorm that left us with rain for many days straight. After the storm knocked out power, the generator inside of our Indica Brewhouse room went down as well. Instead of saving the day, the generator officially went down plus did not work again. None of us knew about the problem with the generator until a following day when we saw the heat plus humidity easily destroyed the Harvest. The people I was with plus myself were most upset about $5,000 worth of medical marijuana seedlings that were due to be transported any day now. They would have been saved, if we would have moved one day quicker.

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