Nasty Worms are destroying my medical plants

My husband plus myself have some prescriptions for the medical cannabis products.

My husband was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from being in the war, plus there was stress plus a bunch of anxiety that didn’t seem to be related from other things.

Was in these prescriptions, most of our state would allow a growing time for some plants. My husband plus myself had this type of orange house allowing us to contain at least 10 plants during these same hours. We tried to use at least 6 multiple growing machines during the same time. The people I was with plus myself had very little space for something large, but a tiny grow box on the side of our lake house was the perfect area for both of us to have this type of thing. The way we don’t know box led us to the natural sunlight. My own husband decided that this type of box could be made from old pieces of pallet. We even found them somewhere for free, which means all we had to do was purchased special cannabis growing Feed plus specialized soil. The people I was with plus myself decided to plant a couple of seeds in the beginning just to try some things out. The first batch ended up with some worms, plus they destroyed all of the medical cannabis plants in that batch. the next time the people I was with plus myself decided to use an organic pesticide with vinegar, which is supposed to keep those pests away from our plants and other organic material.


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