How to make Cannabis coconut oil

Last month, a local dispensary taught a class on making cannabis infused coconut oil.

  • My boyfriend and I decided to attend the class, because we have been thinking about making edibles.

We have a small grow room at home that has six plants. For the first time in several seasons, our plants look to yield quite a significant harvest. Each one of our marijuana plants should yield 200 to 300 G of cannabis. My boyfriend and I are going to turn this cannabis into infused coconut oil. The flyer for the class told us everything to bring. Each couple was required to bring a large pot, cooking spoon, and a container to store our butter. Each couple was required to bring at least 16 oz of coconut oil. The dispensary gave us a great deal on ounces of manicured cannabis flowers, and we used the product to infuse our coconut oil. The first thing we did was boil water inside of a very large pot. After that, we added all of the cannabis flower buds. We let the flower simmer in water for an hour and a half. After that, we were left with a dark green soupy mixture. While the cannabis mixture was still hot, we added our jar of coconut oil. After three hours, we used a cheesecloth to drain all of the fat and oil away from the cannabis flowers. We used our infused coconut oil to make brownies, cookies, and ice cream. The dispensary education center gave us a few helpful tips along the way, and the class was so much fun.

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