that was all quite easy

It is quite easy to just overlook the basic things when you are opening a cannabis dispensary.

When I was getting ready for my grand opening of my cannabis dispensary, I hadn’t even considered a point of sale method, or a cash register.

No matter how many great marijuana products I have for sale with the point of sale or cash register, I can’t sell anything. That’s when I started going over all of the things I had not considered until this moment. All of a sudden I was wondering if I was going to need to put my grand opening off, for a couple weeks. I was getting very nervous when I realized how immense the room sounded without any music. What is a marijuana shop if you don’t have a sound system. I knew I needed to have th sound system installed while I was having the cash registers installed. I liked the POS machine because it was also able to keep a running tally of my inventory and signal when I was getting low on a certain product. I had to go online and get some business cards for my cannabis dispensary and then I realized I didn’t even have a web page for the online delivery service. It was down to the finish line and I was praying I would be open on time. It is the day before the grand opening and I have a couple great bartenders who know my dispensary as well as I do. We also have Girl Scout Cookies and I think we may be the best cannabis dispensary to ever be opened.

Purple haze