I was going through the training course

I learned about OG Kush and other marijuana strains that I can put into my cannabis dispensary

I never thought it would happen, but our state recently legalized marijuana. I am really glad to hear about this because I have always my own business. Now is the perfect time for me to open a marijuana dispensary and I’ll be the sole owner. Many people have warned me that opening a marijuana dispensary will not be a good thing, but I think I will enjoy the experience. I have my licenses and I already have the perfect location in mind for my cannabis dispensary. I need to find the perfect supplier and I plan on specializing in cannabis oil. I like the pot brownies, but I ultimately prefer cannabis oil over everything else. I feel that by having a niche cannabis dispensary, I would be able to relax and get more customers. I found a cannabis dispensary training course online because I wanted to know as much as I could about marijuana and it really did help. I came away from the course with great ideas for my dispensary, by watching the videos. I learned that it is important to have delivery available to my customers. I am sure I will be able to reach more people by having an online web page. Even some who would be coming to the cannabis dispensary, may feel more at ease while browsing and buying, if they can have delivery. I learned about OG Kush and other marijuana strains that I can put into my cannabis dispensary. The coolest part, was learning how to train my staff, which I don’t know if I would have thought about. I just thought that everyone who knew about marijuana, could fit into my business, but I was totally wrong on that one.


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