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After you decided your cannabis dispensary is going to benefit from adding delivering service of marijuana to your customers, you need to hire delivery drivers.

It is a bit more work to hire a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary that it is to hire a pizza delivery person.

You need make sure you can trust the people you hire to deliver your marijuana products. The drivers will be riding around with your marijuana products in their car and going to the houses of customers and patients. Hiring these drivers is not going to be easy. Some cannabis dispensary near me, have already begun offering delivery service, but they aren’t screening their drivers very well. The cannabis dispensary lost several of their customers because the drivers never delivered their items. You really need to do background checks on everyone you hire. You can’t be timid about the background checks since your drivers will be taking your marijuana products that you have sold, and delivering them to your customers. Just like a pharmacy takes precautions when hiring someone to do delivering for them, you also need to show the same caution as they. You also need to be careful and make sure you verify the age of all of your online customers. In most states, you cannot purchase marijuana products unless you are twenty-one years of age. Even if they product is only CBD, they still need to have their ID verified. The marijuana industry is strictly governed by laws and they are always adding more laws all the time..

Marijuana delivery