Education on the ins and outs of cannabis and retail

In my state, marijuana (or “weed”, as some insist on calling it) is legal to sell.

There are tons of different dispensaries around to choose from, and it never gets old to see.

After getting a degree in business, I struggled to find a job where I cared about my work. Then I applied to work at a cannabis dispensary, and I have to admit: I was surprised at how excited the staff was! Working at a dispensary is not at all like working at a grocery store, or other retail jobs for that matter. There are challenges with the job, such as potential liabilities, picking right strain of cannabis, providing the shopper with more information about product, and more. In order to completely do this job to the T, I had to get educated on cannabis. The whole staff went to a training room, in which people that were qualified cannabis instructors walked us through scenarios. Someone was a shopper, while the other was the local budtender assisting them in the dispensary. Situations went from a shopper walking in for the first time that knows nothing, to someone who is a classic cannabis user and looking for something new. We learned about all the cannabis products, different strains and reasons for using each strain. Since we also had to understand the effects of each product and be clear with the shopper about those effects, we had to be very detailed in our training! Now I do feel qualified to entirely work in a dispensary.
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