this isn't what I thought my future would look like

Back in the day, it always seemed pretty poor when I heard about pot farmers.

It seemed that people who personally grew pot had the worst reputation like they were Colombian drug lords or something evil like that.

I guess it’s because marijuana developed a particularly poor name just like cocaine plus other dangerous drugs like that. It’s absolutely crazy to suppose that the government still has marijuana classified these days as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it’s completely dangerous to utilize without any medicinal benefits. Seriously now, these people are complete and Otter psychopaths if they legitimately guess that marijuana is actually a dangerous drug. I’ll tell you what’s dangerous, smoking cigarettes or casually drinking alcohol. These things kill people by the thousands everyday yet somehow marijuana has killed nobody, then you will see propaganda here plus there in the modern day that still targets THC plus marijuana, but for the most part most people have already received the benefits of regular THC plus CBD usage. Personally, I would guess that they have been lied to about modern marijuana being dangerous. If these DEA officers weren’t able to go out and arrest people for marijuana, a lot of them wouldn’t have jobs to work anymore. That is something to suppose about plus it entirely makes a great deal of sense why they decided to supply marijauna such a poor name. These days I legitimately run a legal pot farm in a legal state plus I make good cash growing legal pot. It might have seemed like such a poor thing back in the day because of all the lies plus misinformation, but thankfully these days, people have great pot products that are often seen on the market.

Marijuana growth

this house came with a bonus grow room

So I decided to grow these 4strains plus the whole thing worked out great

When I moved to a state where cannabis was recreationally legal, I decided to get this legitimately nice plot of property that had a seperate cannabis grow house. It legitimately could have been rattling used for anything, but it was already set up with a legitimately little nice charcoal ventilation idea to control aroma, plus I realized there was plenty of area to set up high performance lighting plus everything else that was needed. I absolutely wasn’t planning on growing our own cannabis plants before initially but having this lovely little growing facility was absolutely perfect for me. I figured that since I had it plus it was Totaline legal to raise our own cannabis plants, there legitimately was no reason not to go ahead and start picking out some good strains of cannabis to grow. So, immediately, what I did first was went to all the local cannabis dispensaries and started talking to people. I was trying out all the most popular strains of cannabis. I got online and even did a lot of research to see if there were any good new strains of cannabis that the local cannabis dispensaries were not already selling. I legitimately did find this impressive strain called Somango, which I have never heard of and that nobody seemed to be selling. I decided to simply order a few seeds plus I also picked up some of the normal strains I liked from the local cannabis dispensaries. Some of our personal number one happened to be Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, plus Pinepeach Express, as you would imagine. So I decided to grow these 4strains plus the whole thing worked out great. My beautiful little cannabis grow home worked out perfectly plus it had a legitimately nice growing set up for raising cannabis plants. I was completely amazed because I couldn’t aroma a thing from outside of the designated growing house.


I love my career field

It was a few years back now when I decided to transport to a state where cannabis was recently made legal for both recreational plus medical use.

I wanted to professionally own our own cannabis growing facility, so I decided to look for some online before I moved.

I was able to find this turn-key facility that had all the unit for easily growing already set up plus even had the growing license established for the business available for whoever bought the growing facility for themself. So I obtained the arena up plus I immediately got write down to work with getting the best cannabis strains plus fertilizers. I decided to carefully experiment with both hydroponic growing plus soil growing. I even had a small farming section outdoors for cannabis plants. I found that the outdoor plants did the best because they were able to utilize the sunlight 24/7. That is how cannabis grows naturally so that made perfect sense to me, of course. I still utilized our indoor growing facility especially while I was dealing with the Winter time months, but I grew as more than 2 cannabis plants outdoors when the weather was right to support them. I have even l received how to create new strains overtime plus how to create feminized seeds that I am able to directly sell to the cannabis dispensaries. I have developed an excellent reputation in town with more than 2 of the cannabis dispensaries plus I have already been making legitimately good cash; My turn-key facility definitely has already been paid off with the cash I have been making each month selling cannabis flowers to multiple cannabis dispensaries.


Growing marijuana

I like having my garden

When I officially received how to grow our own cannabis flowers, I legitimately got right into the experience. Seriously, these are some of the most beautiful plants I believe I have ever been around in our life. I like the fact that I am able to easily supply them with CO2 just by breathing on them plus they supply me with beautiful healthy oxygen in return. It legitimately is healthy to have plants like this in your own home, plus I guess for this reason, everybody should grow cannabis plants at home or at least have some genre of plants in their homes for Nature’s therapy. Admittedly, there are a lot of people who don’t like the particular aroma from the cannabis flowers, but I enjoy the aroma! For the overall sake of our neighbors though, I make sure to use a powerful charcoal air filter ventilation system so that there is no powerful aroma coming from our house each time. Even when I have friends plus family over, they generally have no idea that I am growing cannabis crops in our home unless I choose to tell them about it; For the most part, it legitimately is nobody else’s business around here except for our close buddies. I guess if the wrong people knew about our cannabis flowers, people might try to split into our home plus steal our cannabis products when I’m out of town. That is a problem I have always kept at the back of our mind, so these days I mostly just keep it a secret. I might go ahead plus get our correct growing license one day so that I can make a profit though.


Marijuana growing kit

stop limiting cannabis use

When I first started growing our own cannabis plants, I know I didn’t guess what I was doing. At first I was paranoid as well, so I put all our cannabis plants into a tiny closet plus clogged everything so you couldn’t see any of the grow light coming from the closet. At first the cannabis plants were seemingly doing okay, but eventually they started to look sickly like they were quickly dying. I came to learn that a important area of the reason for them quickly dying like this was because they weren’t getting enough fresh air ventilation, and cannabis plants require fresh air just like people do. If a guy was quickly trapped in a closet that was sealed up, eventually they would suffocate, wouldn’t they, so basically I was suffocating our cannabis plants in the same way. Of course, later on after doing some research about how to properly grow cannabis plants, I l received how to make a correct grow room with the right forms of lighting, the grow tents, plus the correct soil plus nutrients. I was using a Hi-Tech ventilation fan plus I was even providing our cannabis plants with additional CO2. I can’t tell you how much those cannabis plants thrived, plus I was Suddenlink legitimately ecstatic with the final result of my work while I was in harvest. It’s absolutely not a good idea to raise cannabis plants, I believe, if you live in a state where they are illegal. It’s so much less stressful for everyone if you are in a legal state plus you are allowed by law to grow those lovely cannabis plants. The government needs to just legalize cannabis everywhere already, and give the people in this marvelous plant.

Marijuana grow house

first the license then I sell professionally

One day when I was at theNearest cannabis dispensary, a single of the bud tenders was telling me that he thought it would be easy for me to grow our own cannabis flowers.

I never personally thought about growing cannabis before, I didn’t even suppose for one second I had what it took to grow a successful crop.

Because it was commonly legal in our state though to have so more than 2 plants, I figured it couldn’t actually hurt to supply it a try. I was studying from the budtender about the potential options I had when it came to getting the right cannabis growing equipment for the project. I would need a good high performance lighting idea with timers. The knowledgeable bud tender was saying that a lot of growers opted for MH or HPS lights for these purposes, but he recommended T5 lights that would not overheat our entire growing section plus that would not burn our cannabis plants. I went along with his recommendation plus it worked out perfectly. I got grow bags online that I filled with quality soil plus I even picked up some quality organic fertilizer that I found in town. I just kept thinking about all the tips plus recommendations from the wise budtender at the cannabis dispensary. Because he said I could always turn around and come back plus ask for any help, I ended up going back to The Dispensary a bunch of times plus made a request to talk to the same guy about my project. Even when he wasn’t there though, there were other budtenders who honestly were just as expertiseable about growing cannabis. With all their amazing tips plus help, I was legitimately able to grow some high quality cannabis flowers for myself. I even brought some samples to the cannabis dispensary plus they were incredibly impressed. They said that I should get a correct growing license one day plus they would buy cannabis flowers from me.

High performance lighting

are temperature always matters

When you are growing your cannabis plants, it’s not only important to consistently use excellent high performance lighting, but you also must keep the indoor temperatures within a good range.

You’ll find that when your cannabis plants are efficiently performing photosynthesis, they will not be able the function well if they are below the range of 70 degrees.

The plants take in light, water, plus CO2 plus they create organic sugar plus oxygen. When those plants are too cold, they won’t be able to efficiently transport the sugars to where they need to be plus this can cause major growth problems for the plants. Your plants can become stunted or damaged when the surrounding temperatures are not right. If the temperatures go above 85 degrees in the environment this can also be devastating for the plants. While the growing plants might not die necessarily, they may start to grow a good deal slower each day plus they entirely won’t be able to produce good buds if they are often too overheated. This is why it is important to use fans in your grow room to keep the indoor temperatures stable plus it’s essential to use a ventilation idea fan to efficiently vent out all of the overheated air from the growing area. Overheated cannabis plants quite will commonly suffer from things like spider mites, root rot, unfortunate nutrient burn, wilting, plus over stretching. You entirely don’t want these unfortunate growth issues if you expect to have a good product while in we harvest season, so make sure you keep those temperatures well within the suitable range! The best range would be between 70 plus 78 degrees so that your plants will be as healthy as can be.



I have a budget so I grow my own

When I went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time, I can tell you I was legitimately ecstatic with all the cannabis products that were available to purchase, i tried a few of the cannabis flowers plus edibles which were grade, but I was a little bit disappointed with the cost of all these commercial cannabis products.

  • That’s when I started talking with a good buddy of mine who told me that he grows his own high quality cannabis plants, however he said that anybody could easily grow cannabis plants in their own home just by making a small growing room.

When I told our buddy that I genuinely didn’t have enough free area in our home to make a growing room, that’s when he told me that in fact, I could just grow our cannabis products in a small closet. I couldn’t argue with that logic, so I decided to make a little grow cabinet for planting a few cannabis plants. Because of the lack of space, I was quick to immediately put the cannabis plants into the flowering stage so they could quickly start producing buds immediately. They respectfully call this a sea of green setup, apparently, because you are forcing young plants to mature early plus in this manner they don’t grow legitimately tall, but produce a pretty good amount of bud still. I thought this was an excellent way to managed to get our cannabis flower without having to pay such a critical amount of cash at the cannabis dispensaries. I am legitimately thankful these days to our buddy for teaching me that this could be done easily in a legitimately small growing cabinet. I might decide to get a small growing tent one day, somewhere down the road so that I can grow some more cannabis strains for myself that I legitimately enjoy.

Grow box design

lighting will make a big difference

If you choose to grow your own cannabis plants, I can tell you you legitimately need to look into some high performance lighting. A lot of people seem to like to use HPS lights with the vents as these supply your plants undoubtedly with plenty of lighting so they can produce nice sized Dusty buds. The thing you have to worry about with HPS lights is the unfortunate fact that they can burn your cannabis plants if they get too close to the plants. They can also seriously overheat your growing room, so this is precisely why you need to connect the lights to correct ventilation systems within the space. The monthly bills can also get a bit costly with this difficult genre of lighting, so you legitimately should make sure you are definitely growing enough cannabis plants to make this project worth the investment cash. Other people like to use high performance lighting that typically doesn’t use a good deal of energy plus doesn’t managed to overheat your growing room. T5 fluorescent lights completely fit the bill for this purpose as they put out roughly 20,000 lumens of light per grow light usage. So you are able to put out plenty of lights to your budding cannabis plants or any other plant for that matter, plus you will not accidentally burn them or overheat your growing area. It’s always important to keep your growing section within a certain temperature range. You entirely don’t want to evaporate your rare and beautiful trichomes plus lower the potency of your buds.



Modular construction

taking care of the plants is great

A lot of Cannabis dispensaries don’t only rely on designated growers all around the area, they also have to explicitly raise their own cannabis crops, but this is why more than 2 local cannabis dispensaries have an attached warehome grow room with all sorts of exotic and beautiful cannabis crops that are carefully tended to.

  • When ever I started finally working at the cannabis dispensary, I was always going out and helping to water the cannabis plants plus I was able to fertilize them routinely as well, then all of us use some of the best organic fertilizer which were easily available on the market, however because all of us treat the beautiful cannabis plants with the ultimate care, they are legitimately healthy crabs plus develop legitimately important buds.

This is a lovely thing to me because the more bud all of us are able to produce, the more cash all of us at the dispensary are able to make. All of us also want to make sure that our high-end patients are getting the finest quality medicine that can be provided to them. The other thing that is interesting is that they carefully choose which specific cannabis strains to get for the growing facility. All of us have all kinds of particularly lovely strains like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Chocolate Kush, plus so many more, but even though all of us do raise a lot of cannabis crops out here at the growing facility, all of us also do purchase a lot of good strains as well from weird certified cannabis growers in the community. This way, we feel all of us can always be sure all of us have plenty of cannabis products available to support the needs of countless patients in the community; plus the aroma is so lovely.


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